1995 650L spark origin?

Ok guys, probably an unusual question but here goes.

***The boss of the garage claims that on the XR650L, the spark comes from the battery, and not from the engine. In other words, if i start the bike, leave it running, and disconnect the battery, the bike will shut off.***

This seems unusual, havent heard of such a thing, and implies that it would also be impossible to rolling jumpstart a xrl (whatever the term for doing that is), among other things. Anyone know the opposite? that the spark comes from the engine, and the battery is only for the electric starter?

If someone with an xrl from similar year could maybe test that out if they have the chance, (ie start the bike disconnect the batt, see what happens), i would surely appreciate it. Im not looking for peoples speculation, because in my speculation also it doesnt make sense, i want real answers.

Not that it matters, but the bike has been fully overhauled, inc tranny, engine.

Not true, the battery is for starting, and lighting. I have bump started my XRL.

are you sure also that the bike will continue once running after unplugging the battery?

hmm damn then i have a problem. can anyone else confirm this?

I just now confirmed this on my own 05 xr650l.

Good thing too, my neg. was loose!:applause:

What is your problem?

i bought the bike after a complete overhaul, inc engine and transmission. havent taken delivery yet, because its not ready. one problem remains:

The bike kills batteries, its gone through 4. The guy hasnt been able to get a new japanese battery yet, so put in a 7amp battery from a scooter, (i think 9 is required), and gave it to me for a ride. I rode, stopped to fill gas, started it again, worked fine, then kept riding. total running time was around 10-15 minutes of the most relaxed riding, when under regular riding, the motor stuttered, and then stopped. I tried to e-start it, once, twice, didnt catch, and then the battery didnt have juice to even turn the starter motor.

Im new to the whole mcycle scene. Took it back to the garage, (pushing, ******* its heavy lol). The mechanic told me singularly that the engine gets the spark comes from the battery and nothing else, and that hes checked everything, the only problem is the battery.

the only conclusion i can come to is hes an idiot, hes lying, or is it possible that he arranged the electricity such that the spark comes from the batt? why would he do that? i know he "rebuilt" the electricity: no turn signals, no front brake lever connection to rear brake light, no sidestand um neutralizer or whatever its called, that shuts the engine if the bike is put into gear while resting on sidestand. The one electricity that does work is the neutral light, and rear brake-->rear brake light. yea its meant to be a dirt bike. anyway, hmm any ideas?

I am not expert on the 650L ,but it looks that you have a charging

problem.the AC alternator is on gear shift side.when the bike runs you

have the power coming from battery+alternator and regulator

that is charging the battery. if you take the battery off you will

still have power from the alternator to keep the cdi running.

now here there could be a few scenarios and it depends on how

bad is the battery if its shorted then it may load the charging circuits.

the battery when good acts up like regulator that keeps the

voltage constant, when its bad then the voltage tends to flactuate

alot and then you may burn light bulbs more frequently.

Sounds to me like this "mechanic" is a complete HACK. He "rebuilt" the electrical system? One thing for sure is, it is NOT charging. I would find an online wiring diagram and carefully check all the wiring from the stator to the regulator to the battery, etc. I bet this tool cut something he shouldn't have.

hmm, aight yea. suha thats how i understood the batt/alternator, just was told something else at the garage, so wanted to check. so ya thanks.

Ill check re the electrical system, i have the service manual, despite that i dont exactly know how to read it..guess ill have to learn hehe. thanks fellas

Actually the 650L is a DC system.

doesnt DC just mean direct current? what does that mean regarding the XRl?

doesnt DC just mean direct current? what does that mean regarding the XRl?

Yes, diect current. I was just letting suharianu know its different than the 650R's AC generator.

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