03 wr450

hi all ,had my wr a few weeks now and iv been doing a bit of research on the free mods to do to my 450 03 model ,

the grey wire mod seems pretty straight forward i now know what im looking for.

the throttle stop i am going to cut down the original screw to the yzf size i believe 23.5mm...?

i just have a couple of questions first about my exhaust as i want to uncork it i couldnt get the info on my particular model year on this. mine looks different to the ones iv searched on this site the end caps seem to just be unbolted to take the baffle out whereas mine is rivited on, is it wise to drill these out to get to the baffle inside?

If its too loud i will look into getting an insert!

Also once iv done these mods is it critical that i alter the jetting? i believe mine is standard at the mo but how can i find out for sure? can i find out by opening up the carb? what am i looking for on the jets?

If it is critical then i gues iv got more research to do on what set up i need and what kit i need .

thanks in advance!:applause: monkee

The non-US bikes have different jetting and a different exhaust than ours. IIRC, you guys are jetted a little richer, so you may not need to make any adjustments. I'm not sure what your exhaust looks like, but if you're just removing the pea shooter baffle, you should probably be OK with your current setup.

Only a road test will let you know for sure, but it's probably a good idea to become familiar with your carb anyway. I'd take it apart, check which jets you have in there, and give it a good cleaning. That way, if you do have problems you're a step ahead of the game.

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