XR600R 3rd Gear Problems

I have a '97 XR600R that jumps in & out of gear under throttle when it's in 3rd gear. When you're downshifting it's fine, it'll stay in gear. But, wick the throttle and it jumps in & out of gear. No grinding that I can hear or feel. This doesn't happen in any other gear. I checked both a factory Honda Service and Haynes Manual's troubleshooting sections and couldn't find any diagnosis. Any ideas on what could be wrong with this patient? :applause:

Isn't that a common issue with xr600r..

Usually a problem on the gear itself. The engagement dogs get worn and it slips out of gear.

The engagement dogs get worn and it slips out of gear.

This is not an unknown problem with the 600R (and also the old XR350Rs). Eventually the dogs will break off, lunch the transmission, scatter metal debris and do other damage. I wouldn't wait until that happens.

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