Michelin X-11

Anybody tried Michelin X-11 tires this year? The report on the opening page of TT says they are very good. What are your experiences with these tires.



Never used the Michelins, but a few months ago a friend put on a set of IRC TR-011 trials tire on his WR426 after reading the TT article about the Michelin trials tires. (The IRCs are about half the price of the Michelins.) The only places they don't perform better than the S-12s we used to use is in deep sand. Everywhere else, about 90% of our riding, the trials tries performed significantly better. So I followed suit and got some IRCs for the front and rear. They are awesome. I don't plan to go back to regular knobbies. The bike accelerates much better now, and powerslides are much more predictable than with knobbies. We also took our bikes up to the mountains of north Georgia last month. The trials tires were perfect for the rocky/clayey terrain.

I am Rich's friend with the IRC tires and can say they work fantastic. I mounted up a new rear one this morning. You can see my write-up on the tires at web page

I'm sure the Michelin X-11 tires are very good too, but for the saved money I'm very happy with these IRC tires.

Jerry in Deltona, FL

Hey all,

North of Seattle, about an hour from the Canadian border.

We have been running the X-11 for years now. Every year we see more and more of the tire that rules on scooters around here.

Jeff (mootak) Team D.S.B. Racing A.K.A. "The Walker Valley Boys"

2000 GAS GAS EC300

My buddy has an XR400 and runs a Michelin trials tire on the back with a heavy duty tube which I HIGHLY recommend. That bike hooks up on everything!! In the woods that combo is lethal and that will be my setup once I sell my Husky and buy an XR400 and that tire. If you don't have that tire then go get one, you won't be disappointed. :D:)jsathorne@attbi.com

1999 Husqvarna TC610(For Sale)- 55 HP rocket

I put a Michelin X-11 on about a month ago. Being a skeptic I was fully prepared to be disappointed. I had heard that it wasn't good in muddy conditions etc. All I can say is WOW! I've ridden in mud, loose rock, ledge rock, slick clay, you name it, and the tire is much better than the standard knobbies I've been using. I feel like I'm cheating when I ride with this thing on the rear. I left my knobby on the front. I run the X-11 at about 9 psi.

Do the rocks eat it like the knobbies? How does it do on the fast trails and ledges? :)

I don't personally use them, but I have ridden bikes with the X-11 and been very impressed. I think my vanity keeps me from putting on a wussie looking tire. I have ridden with the Michelin H-12 (off-road knobby) which is very sticky like the X-11 and I like it alot. I beleive I will switch from the S-12 to the H-12 from now on. The H-12 is a different looking knobby with sticky trails like rubber that has a standard off road carcass that should resist pinch flats for those of us that don't avoid rocks and you can install a bib moousse to become a virtual rock riding god.

How do they hold up on the hard stuff? My 456 rear was half whooped after 5 hours!!! I too did not want the wuss looking tires on the bike but hey, you can only see em when Im stopped :) . Has anyone tried them in coal silt? My only concerne is that maybe %10 of my riding is on sand like coal silt but those are big hills and not making it up them is NOT cool!

How are they in snow compared to knobs?

Where is a good place to get the IRC tires on line?

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