Big hole in my Ti subframe

The other day I noticed that my upper chain roller had disappeared along with the mount. Now I'm stuck with a hole in my GYT-R titanium subframe. I finally found a welder and a source for the metal but I've been told that I need to match the titanium alloy that the subframe is made from or else I'm gonna be headed for trouble. The dealer is a waste of time. They wanna sell me a new one. I called Yamaha's 800 customer service number and the gal told me the thing was made by an outfit called Titanium Sports Tech. After doing a search for them on Google I've come up empty. Does anybody know? Is it Ti-3AI-2.5V perhaps?


You might try Hoovers on line at they list almost all information about most companies. Good Luck!

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Hey Gassin', you might talk to another Titanium specialist company like Atomic 22/Hickman Racing in Des Moines,IA. Ask for Jim. (515) 285-4332 Couldn't hurt. :)

I have tig welded stainless to ti before without an atmosphere or vacuum.

I am not sure it will 100% work for you but if I had the access I would try it myself.

I think I'd look to find a bicycle frame builder to work with. Or even try Svandic, the company that supplies a lot of the ti. Some frame buiders I'd talk with would be Moots or Independent Fabrications, maybe Lightspeed.

It may be 3/2.5 but most likely it's a commercially pure? CP alloy which is a more generic breed along with the sports ti alloys.

Considering what it is it may be made in China like many of the low buck ti bicycle frames.



I had the same thing happen to my Ti subframe..on a YZ250. I never found anyone willing to weld it for me..... I just duct taped the hole up and rode on. Let us know what you do, bet your not the only one out there that this has happened to.. Go luck.


Hmm... Does it really make much diference if the alloys are different? My neighbor across the street says he should be able to weld some stainless steel onto it with his TIG welder and it should work fine. I'm tempted.

My biggest worry is the chain eating a hole in my CF airbox. The subframe itself sems to be holding up OK - no cracks yet.

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