New 07

Well, today i found a new leftover 07 450SE for an amizing deal. So my 02 wr250f will be on its way out. I think that i will be picking it up on monday morning. Ill be using the bike for both track and harescrambles. So im gonna need to buy a larger tank, radiator guards, and skid plate. Who makes the best for the cheapest. Additionally, I think i will need a collent overflow tank. How has everybody riged them up? Does everybody get the WR overflow and put it on, or is there an easier or better tank? Thanks much for all oppinions.


for rad gaurds i like the zip ty ones. for skid plate i perfer the gytr. they all just seem to have the best fit.

get a fly wheel weight , the gytr heavy off road. gives you good clutch control.

i got the clarke tank , it's cheaper than ims, i got a 10 liter,

for rad guards, scorpion or flatland.

the 450 's run cooler than 250's you most likely would not need a over flow bottle.

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