Berik OVS vs OVS RC

About 6 months ago I bought some OVS boots. I love the fit and function but they are built with cheap materials and they are cracking where they flex. I think the cracks are in some imitation leather.

I see the RC modles cheap. With the Kangaroo leather do these hold up any better? A friend of mine has a pair and his have not cracked in over a year.

I also don't like that mine are not very water tight. I guess without the cracking they would not be as bad.

Both suck I would never buy them again. When I worked for a shop we got some to use and most went through them in a week.

I have the RC and they are cracking too. Pieces of :applause: .... Replaced them with oxtar TCX pro II and am waaaaay happier.

honestly, mine have held up for a while. but for sure my next boots are going to be gaerne sg10

Mine have 3 rides on them and are starting to crack. I'm glad I only spent $119.00 on them. I'm sure that wearing these boots for a season was the major reason RC retired.

I had the OVS RC for an entire race season. They held up well for a while and then started cracking towards the end of the year. Got a sponsor from 661 this year and am giving the Flight Boots a try. If these dont hold up I will never give another boot a try and go back to Alpinestars which have NEVER given me any premature problems.

They blow.

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