tell me about 2002 kx 250

well, my dad started riding when he was little, and had a bike up since he was around 40, (when i was born :applause:) now im 14 with a cr85 and he has that itch. he is still very close with alot of his motocross friends, and hapend to find a 2002 kx 250, in mint condition for around 1400-1600. so my dad wants to know.... good bad ugly

Great bike and great price! Buy it quick!

I bought my 1999 stock about 2 years ago for $1,600 and it was in excellent condition (but not mint). That's a great price, don't pass it up.

Just tell your old man to HOLD ON when he cracks open the throttle! :applause:


02 is a very good year. Make him buy it and go riding with you. Just make sure he does all the normal maintance things a used bike needs.


get it, get it, GET IT!!!! I've got my second 2002 KX250 in the garage now and if anything ever happened to it, I'd replace it with still another 2002 KX250. Great bike, powerful and very adaptable to any type of riding.... especially for a 40 year old dad who isn't gonna need to race punk kids like their 14 year old sons who ride CR85's Ha! Just kidding there. It's great you and your dad are going to have this thing together.

I agree, go for it, that's a good buy for a great bike. I love mine. It's an excellent, all-around bike that does equally well for moto or off-road, with very friendly power, roomy and comfortable ergos (once you install a taller bar) and very plush suspension that doesn't beat up an old guy like me on big jumps or in rough trail hack. You won't be disappointed.

thanks guys, i know that he is gunna get it for sure now.

i love mine they are great bikes.

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