DR650 Charging Issues.....................help!

Looking for a little help diagnosing a charging problem, all suggestions (:) ) are appreciated .

I have no juice going to the battery at the terminals when bike is running. The rectifier, however gets hot real fast, about 30 seconds to a minute of running the motor has the rectifier very warm.

What does this tell you wizards of the black arts...:applause: Does it sound fooked and if so what is the procedure for testing it.?


Yes its sounds kafooked. There is diagnostic test in the service manual if you have it.

So I had another crack at it and its turns out that there is 13.2V+ and up, when bike and rectifier are cold. Keeping the rpm up, the charging voltage is good on the meter but as the bike/and rectifier warm up, charge voltage first becomes erratic then stops altogether.

There is continuity between the 3 lead wire from the generator coil. I will check 'no load' voltage from the same leads next w/ engine running at 5k rpm.

Meantime, any ideas.....I'm all ears.

Only thing ever happend to me like that, was when my battery died. leading to that the generator had to all the work when riding, which fried one of three phases (so i was told).

First thing I noticed was that the battery seemed low and didn't wanna do with the electric starter.

When this didn't make me wonder the blinkers started doing funny stuff, first they blinked way to fast and later on they lost almost all power.

That's when i went to see with my mechanic, and he let me know i was in some deep financial shit. Luckily for me i still had the warranty.

it sounds like a faulty retifier. on my other bike, if you rev it to about 3k rpm, i would have a fairly constant reading of 14.1v. this reading should not change, if it does or once warmed up and it reads 0 then you may want to do a resistance test on the retifier as per the book.

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