08 Beta 400rr

just curious I installed the JD jetting kit in and the bike seems to be fat on the bottom and cleans up mid to upper...is that drop the needle one position or smaller main??? gotta love jetting!!:applause:

what tells you its "fat" on the bottom?

is it rich?? when you have to keep the throttle RPM up high to keep it from blubbering??? just asking for help...thanks:banghead:

does it getter better or worse with engine heat?

JD makes a kit for a beta?

it gets worse with heat and yes JD makes a kit.............Thanks

stoc main is a 178...JD recommended a 172 main with the blue needle with clip 3 down from top...out 1.5 turns

go to the red needle,clip 4.

thanks so much...I will try...:applause:

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