Is the drz a capable trail bike? I don't know much about them. Or is the street plate the best selling point. Looking for a capable so cal duel sport desert bike and curios on how much it cost to get it to be on par with a ktm or a xr, it might be just as good already just do not know anybody who has one thanks:thumbsup:

Yes, she's plenty capable! Being from CA and that you mentioned your desire to also DS your only option would be the S model....being pretty tame in stock trim, but with plenty of aftermarket available to wake her up!

The KTM is a great bike and I think it is great that they have come forward with such a capable and CA legal DS, but with higher maintanence and price $$$. I don't think this bike was designed for prolonged street use.

The Honda......I'm guessing you talking the 650R? can't plate in CA and the XL is more of a street bike.

I think you'll have more options with the DRZ unless you want to spend the coin on a KTM, Husky, etc

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