99 cylinder on a 96 motor?

I have a chance to get a 99 top end. Includes cylinder, piston, rings, cir clips, and bearing. I am wondering what do I have to do to make this fit on my 96 bottom end? In the future top end rebuilds do I have to use 99 parts or can I use my 96 spares? I need to change the cylinder on my 96 because its scuffed up and cracked. Thanks for any info guys Ben

you wont have to do anything special, its a direct swap...the head is slightly different on the 99 though, so you may want to get the 99 head as well ...:applause:

If you can, keep the 96 stuff, or order it through Honda. The 96 stuff makes more power than the 99.

I did hear that the 96 motor was the best cr250 made. Well I read that hear on this site. Ill just bite the bullet and send my 96 cylinder to get replated.

The 96 makes different power, not more. The 99 rocks, and makes more low-end.

I think they are the same from 96-01 just different port timing and ect.

I just sent my stock one to get replated. Thanks for allthe info guys. Ben

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