Getting ready to put a new top-end on my 250xc...what is the proper way or tips that you suggest cleaning the powervalve? This is the only thing that I do not have experience doing so I want to get some inside info before I go ahead.

Q-tips and a can of brake cleaner? Or do I need to disassemble everything?

thanks ahead as I learn the fine art of 2-stroke maintanence coming from a yz 4t.

Take it apart and clean well. Get the carbon off the flapper too (might take a wire brush after brake cleaner). Replace o-rings, assemble with lube. clear silicone on your flange (front PV cover)

it sometimes needs oven cleaner and Ive used a razor blade before to get down to metal

Thanks for the input...been checking ktmtalk as well and looks like taking apart is the proper way to go. Schematics shows a lot of parts but with my owners manual and schematics...should be straightforward

its not too bad, Just lay the parts out in a sequence and check the timing marks before they are removed so you can get it right. I like to slide the parts open n closed a few times to see how it works before taking it apart.

i scribed a line where the flapper gear meets the secondary port gear before disassembly, the oem dots were hard to see

Just be careful with the amount of cleaner used and where the fluid & debris go, dont let it go down the hole to your clutch. This waste can contaminate the gearbox oil as well as get junk in your clutch.

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