New steed (used) but close to new

2006 KTM 525 XC not sure if its the desert or not. Just put on the headlight. It has an SX pipe, redone suspension for someone who wieghts 20 lbs more than i do, this things hauls the male OMG wheelies in 6th gear:crazy: :foul: . oh and its got a stabilizer:applause: :banghead::cry::applause::)

Gears are to tall what should i run? Any must have mods? or suggestions thanks guys tell me what you thinkKTM001.jpg



Clean bike. I can tell you that it does not have the stock XC tank on it. I geared my 525XC with 3 teeth more on the back. There not much else you need except a rear brake sharkfin a skidplate and a header guard. If the bike does not have a ton of hours on it and has been reasonably maintined, it should provide many hours of fun.

its got about 20-30

Great looking bike!! Those 525's HALL man. :applause:

Nice bike bud:thumbsup:

I bought a slightly used '03 525 mxc, still with original tires,ive only been able to go around the block a few times as its too cold for any real fun on a bike.Shane:cry:

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