Broken rib protection?

Back in July 2006 I had a nasty crash. Life flight to a trauma center, the whole works. I'm "back in the saddle" again, raced 5 times in late 2007, and plan on 12 to 15 in 2008. Anyhow, I'm pretty much healed up except my ribs. What happened was the chest protector / roost guard is what broke six of my ribs on my right side, below and back a bit from my arm pit. The back section of the chest protector pushed into my side real hard and broke the ribs in a straight line. Five of the ribs have healed nicely according to x-rays taken a month ago, but one has not fused together, and may never according to my doctor. At the time of the accident, my lung cavities filled with blood and I stopped breathing, so they had to cut me open (without a local) and let the blood out so I could breath. Damn that hurt! I don't want this to happen again, so I need some good rib protection.

I'm looking for some good rib protection that will fit under a set of leathers such as worn by flattrack and road racers. My leathers have very good protection for the back / spine, the elbows and shoulders, but there is nothing but a single layer of leather where the broken ribs are at. So, what product is out there, if any, that offers protection for this area, and will fit under a set of leathers? Thanks.

There's an air vest,seen in dirt bike mag.Not sure if it's what or will work for you??

Full body armor!!!


I'm sure pro football players continue their sport with broken ribs. There has to be something a person can use to protect a busted up rib? Anybody?

What do Bull riders wear?

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