DRZ 400e Starting Problem (2004)

Hi there, my new (second hand) DRZ 400e 04 was running beautifully untill my mate dropped it fairly gently on the road when we were towing a bike back to camp (another long story where his wife's DRZ ended up in a river upside down...). When it dropped the left hand bar end hit the dirt road, he picked it up straight away.

From that point on it was hard to get the starter motor engaged, lots of noise from solenoid trying to throw the gear but kinda tapping it like it didnt have much power - once or twice it would just start and you could tell it had heaps of power.

I check all connections, pulled the started switch and the relay its connected to apart and check for anything lose, tried shorting out the connection to eliminate a dodgy switch.

Any idea on maintenance for a starter motor, or is it simply replacement time? Any idea where to get second hand?

Starter motors can be taken apart and cleaned and brushes replaced. Brush spring presure is critical. You really think it is the starter motor? More likely the battery, a switch or connection.

not the starter. Starter gets no power.

I press the start switch and i can hear the click of a relay behind the head light. I traced these wires back to something on the right hand side, attached to the frame, just under the seat. This is connected to the battery and the starter. When i hit the button my test light lights up on one of the wires coming from the front of the bike to this thing, but the starter doens engage.

Whats it called? I was gonna short out the 2 big wires, cos this is obviously what the switch does...but not sure if it does it with resistance or something...how safe?


It is the starter relay. A fair amount of amps travel through it. Put you + lead for your meter on the wire attached to the starter motor, ground the other, press the starter button. Get +12V?

I would check the wires from the clutch lever interlock switch though. They go from the lever to the wiring bundle behind the headlight. Disconnect and reconnect. If they are not connected, either re-connect or ensure the wires from the harness are securely plugged into one another (a bypass of the clutch switch).

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