Concern over oil temperature (XT550)

Hi, im not very knowledgable about bikes, but i noticed something strange (or maybe normal?).

I dont ride long distances coz my bike is not in the best of shape, and i dont intend to do a rebuild since i only need the bike to get me through 1500kms untill it gets sold off.

So when i arrived at work this morning after around 5km journey, i tested the oil temperature by touch of the hand. First of all the oil in the frame was unusually cool, around 30 degrees celcius, but when i touch the oil filter cover it is quite hot, guessing around 50 - 60 degrees celcius. So now im having concerns that something is wrong. Shouldnt the oil in the frame be a bit warmer?

A little more information: morning temperature was around 20 degrees celcius, oil used is fully synthetic 10w - 50 castrol (something i forgot but its for motorbikes)

i want to test if the oil is pumping properly but i read in another thread here that if i open the frame cap while the bike is running, it will spray all over the place. Maybe this is normal for short distance riding? I dont know but im afraid to seize the motor if i test it on a longer run. As i say i dont know much about bikes but any information you guys can give me, ill apreciate it very much. Thanks :applause:

Nah, it sounds fine. The cover should be hot. It's on the case of the engine. The oil in the frame resevoir isn't, and the stuff in the frame, wouldn't be circulating from only 5k.

Thanks for the input. So by what you say i gather that its important to go for longer rides once in a while to get the oil moving.

I went for a 30 km ride just now to test the temperature thing, and the oil in the frame did get much warmer this time, im just guessing around 65 degrees celcius. But the oil filter cover was so damn hot that i cant even keep my hand on it for even one second. It feels like 100 degrees celcius plus!! Seems unusually hot, but now that you say the heat is from the engine and its not the oil thats making it so hot, i feel a bit better, but still seems odd. It does seem to be quite a bit hotter than lets say the clutch cover and the magneto cover, but i guess its normal. Hehe, i dont know much about bikes so thank you for bearing with me.

Next oil change try using a more viscous oil, and dont use synthetic. Dont push your bike if you dont think it can make it.

Why not use fully synthietic oil? Actually what made me change to synthetic is this thread i found in another forum --->

i guess coz of the short distances i travel, i do need a more viscous oil. 10w50 is actually the most viscous ive managed to find sofar. Before i was using 20w50 automotive oil so i beleive i made a better step forward. :applause:

Oil temps on the XT550's seem unusually high...I'm also from SA, Eastern Cape region. Mine seems to 'boil' whenever I return from a long ride, i.e. you actually hear the oil sizzling when you shut the bike off after a long ride. I'm using a 10W40 multigrade at the moment, bought from BP (think it's Vanellus SAE 10W40 Classic or something). OK, so it's not the proper thing, but my dad bought a 20l drum of the stuff and he said it shouldn't cause problems.

Here is a quote from the BP website:

"Premium quality multi-purpose SAE 15W-40 engine oil for use in mixed fleets where premium performance and maximum protection is required. Formulated using high quality mineral base oils in combination with a high performance chemical additive system to provide excellent levels of engine cleanliness and wear protection.

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 °C cSt = 107.5

Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 °C cSt = 14.86

Viscosity Index = 140

Flash Point (COO) = 232°C

Pour Point = -33°C"

I suspect my jetting could be wrong, because my XT starts in cold (+-10degree Celsius) weather without even needing to consider the choke. XT_550, what's your average km/l? I'm getting around 15km/l, but the engine could still be stiff (new rings, valve adjustments, etc. about 400km ago).

I'm just perplexed as to the temps, because lean jetting = higher temps, and rich jetting = easy starts in cold weather. I'm getting both high temps and easy starting, and cr@p fuel economy.

Synthetic MOTORCYCLE oil will be fine.


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