XR400M (supermoto)

hey -

dose eny 1 have a XR400M

dose it go fast enough

how is it for wheelies

and everything else that is normally asked:bonk:

cheers luke

I don't have one, but I suppose yes, it would be fast enough, and it should do wheelies pretty well, as long as you're a good rider

true it always comes down to the rider

I've got an xr400r thats completely stock and the front end does not like to come up. I have ridden a few xr's with the usual exhaust/airbox etc mods and they like to wheelie. They are all "fast" but not as fast as a new 450. Mine will top out at about in the low 70's (mph) according to the gps, but thats with stock gearing and everything else.

i have a plated xr400 sumo conversion. chose the xr specifically for fun and reliability - not for racing. limited by the 5-speed, gearing for the street is critical. i stuck with 16/42 for a while, and that allowed comfortable cruising at 65 mph, and i've had it up over 90 occasionally. BUT, that kind of gearing does limit the "fun factor" a bit (read: wheelies). i've geared back down just a tad to 16/43, and that seems like a good compromise for a motor with only bolt-ons and gordon mods. still gotta tug a bit for one-wheeled antics, but acceleration is noticeably brisker. gear it any lower, and wheelies are easier, but first gear becomes useless for the street and freeway cruising turns into a buzzkill - literally. honda should have built the xr400 with a 6-speed. first rebuild, i'm going 416 or 426 with a hotcam - pretty sure that will pull the taller gearing better AND make for easier wheelies. still, overall some of the most fun you can have on any motorcycle.

I've got a SM XR400. With just the gordon mods the bike was nearly impossible to wheelie. But most of that was due to the steep gearing (16-40). You'd have to tug the bars pretty hard to get it to do anything.

So i did a rebuild this winter and installed the following parts:

Weisco 88mm piston (11:1 compression)

Hotcams stage 2

Mikuni pumper carb

White Bros E2 exhaust

Now even with the super high gearing it power wheelies in 1st and 2nd and will come up in 3rd with a tug of the bars. The gearing is still pretty high so i'm planning to drop the front sprocket down a tooth or two. That should make it a little funner around town.

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