KTM 200 Revelation

I have to tell this story.

After riding 2 strokes for the last 30 years, I thoughI had it pretty much figured out. I have been riding RM250's in the woods for the past few years and bought an 07 last January. Modded it for the woods and felt pretty much at home. Then, a buddy of mine stopped by with an 07 KTM 200 XCW. I didn't even want to ride this thing but I did.

Big mistake! It's pretty bad when you can hop on a strange bike and be faster then you are on your own.

I can't believe how good this little bike is. Long story short, I traded in the new RM and bought my own 200. I'm faster in the woods with less effort and the smile on my face just won't quit!

I did change the shock spring to a progressive and revalved and I added a gnarly pipe but that's about it.

I just love my my 200!

If you have a similar story, I'd love to hear it.


Thats awsome. In most ways. Glad to hear you are having fun with the new bike.

Rode 300's for a long time. From 91-2001 I always had a KTM300 and a Husky 125. I lived in Kauai. Kauai is muddy, snotty, rooty east coast x2----So there were times when the 300 would shine and when it was really wet and nasty, I would take the 125 for those "survivor" races.

One day I was gonna go riding in mid year 91. Get to my buddies house and he can't go. Tell's me to take his 200 and leave my 300 there. So I figure what the heck, I'll go cruise alittle while and check this thing out.

5 hours later, I came back with the "light" shinning!

I sold my 300 and bought a new 200 EXC about 10 days later. Then about 3 weeks later, I sold the Husky 125. 2001 to now, KTM 200's-----It was like the power/luggability of the 250 (or 300) but with the handling of a 125 and it didn't overheat and I could actually change the plug pretty fast if I needed too! But I have not needed too.

200's are about the "best all around" bike in the tight woods.......................

My 14 year old son outgrew his RM 80 last year (plus it kept breaking down.) I decided he should be on either a KDX 200 or KTM EXC200 for his next tral bike. I assumed it would be the KDX based on price. Well, we found a near new condition 02 200 EXC at the repo lot for $1500!

That was about a year ago. Last summer, my son became faster than me in the trails! (I'm on a DRZ400e) Sam loves the KTM and it's a joy to watch his riding skills as he flies by me in the woods.

drz400E $4000

KTM EXC200 $1500

Saturdays in the woods with my son: Priceless.

It's no doubt the 200 is a shocking little bike, but for me I need the power of the 300.

i could be a bit off here but from what ive found in my research for a new bike was a 300 at 5000' above sea level has about the same power as a 200 at sea level :applause:

I owe that little 200. I was riding yz250f's and i loved them. then i got the chance to ride a 200. Only 2 stroke i rode before that was a rm125 and a cr85. This thing was a 2 stroke raised by 450 parents. Long story short I didn't get the 200 but an 08 250xc. I owe that lttle bike for turning me onto the 2 stroke, well not really the 2 stroke but the KTM 2 STROKE!

I ride a 125sx in the woods and id just love to try a 200, from what ive heard i think that it just might be the bike for me. But i like how the 125 is pipey. Is the 200 pipey like the 125? Because thats the only thing keeping me from getting the 200 over the 144sx. and whats the difference between xc and xc-w?

Compared to a 250 a 200 is pipey-it revs real free and clean.You cna rev it like a 125 or ride it like a 250.Its perfect

i could be a bit off here but from what ive found in my research for a new bike was a 300 at 5000' above sea level has about the same power as a 200 at sea level :applause:

Ya, but even if there were any truth to that, that would mean that a 200 @ 5000' would be a little wuss bucket..... they are pretty awsome still though, as long as your not a fatty like me..!

I think if you like a 125, you would love the 200. It can be ridden and revved like the 125 or lugged like a 250. It's light and flickable but has torque down low. The W version has softer suspension, a wide ratio gearbox, a small enduro computer, and a lighting coil. I'm 6',190lbs and my 200xcw hauls my ass around just fine! ( I did have to go to a firmer progrssive shock spring.)

I bought my 2001 KTM 200exc a few weeks ago, and I am dying to take it out for a run. It is winter here, and right now we are ass-deep in snow. I keep hearing about how good a bike the 200 is, but I haven't really had much of a chance to ride it. I bought it because I scared myself with it's power on the little run I did, and for the year or so I have been into dirt biking, I have admired the quality of KTM's. I have just found out about an indoor track not too far from my home, so intend on getting out soon. This said, I need to get the bike set up for me first. Wish me luck...

im on an rm85l and my dad had an 2002 exc 200 and loved it. then he got an 08 200 xcw and im even more inlove i dont like riding my bike anymore. ill be getting a 200 shortly

I'm selling my KX 250 and picking up a new 200xc. Truth be told, the KX is a great bike but the 200 is the ticket.

This is exactly the type of thread I was hoping to run across. After our 60 mile outing last weekend it is very apparent that my 15 year old son has outgrown his XR 250 and I want to get him a 2000 - 2002 KTM 200...(Cal green sticker). Being somewhat open minded I was trying to find a way to see if anyone here in this section has had any experience with CR 250s. Hey - If anyone has an honest comparison please speak up!! But from what I've heard from people I've talked to and from what I've read I'm gonna keep looking for the KTM.

A friend of mine has an 06 CR250. I don't want to offend cr fans but.... I hated it. No power at the bottom and then a gut wrenching pull through the middle and lots of over-rev. I can't really think of a woods situation where the bike works. It's bad when the trail is tight, it doesn't have the flexibility to be technical, ( off camber knotty turns etc...), it's lightswitch powerband is a disadvantage when the trail is rooty and slippery, and the arm pump factor sucks. Add the jetting and power valve issues and I'll take my KTM 200 everytime. I'm convinced that the same rider on both bikes will get to the finish faster and with a lot less effort on the 200.

I've probably pissed off some CR250 fans but, sorry that's the way I felt riding both bikes back to back. My rm250 or my other buddies yz250 were good but I still prefer the litle 200 to them all!

you can ride mine if we can get together. If I get out of a court case next week Im off to the desert so after that we could meet at Carnegie or HH for a day.


Less is more. Unless your into western sized hill climbs.

I'm still surprised that not one individual that I've ridden with over

the past 7 years has considered a 200.:thumbsup:

I think two people rode mine, only so that I could check their bike out.

I've always matched if not set the pace and I still get the wife bike jabs.

Doh, I just recalled the same scenario back in '89 with my mod'd KDX.

No one seems to notice that they're always more worked after a tough section.

I'll have to say that stock did not work for me. Hot Wolf CDI mapping delivered

the big bike spank. DDK needle and head mods seal the deal.

The engine deserves an '08 SX125 chassis I must say.

i could be a bit off here but from what ive found in my research for a new bike was a 300 at 5000' above sea level has about the same power as a 200 at sea level :thumbsup:

You lose 3.5% of your horsepower for every 1000 feet above sea level. This assumes you are jetted correctly. If not, you will lose more than 3.5%.

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