Has anyone tried a Juice clutch on a WR426?

I just read an article in Dirt Bike magazine on the new WR, they said that A juice clutch would be money well spent, does anyone use one of these and if so is it worth the money? Thanks, Dan

Taffy, I appologize for my stupidity ,I forgot that you have a WR426! The clutches are different between the two models. I will now go searching for ye old post!! Thanks dude, Dan

no dan i don't have a WR426. i'm on a wr99 so maybe i ought to apologize to you!

i was presumtious enough to think that the difference in the bikes would be zilch. the juice clutches would be those designed around the 400.


Its cool...... By the way the other post, I was just having fun with you! Dan

old mate you must try & look at old posts sometime!

magura on my '99 WR & it's brilliant. best value per £ spent-probably not, but a big improvement all the same. everyone agrees they're great so go get.

ps read our old posts & learn 10 times as much.


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