Which shims would I need? Please.

Ok to start with I know I need a valve job,ok we got that out of the way so now you dont need to tell me I am wasting my time by shimming the valves.

Ok on my left intake I have a #155 shim and the clearence is at .002 so which one would I need for that one?

Ok on the right intake valve the shim is a 165 and the clearence is at .004 so which one would I need for that one.

I know I need .006 on each valve,the shim chart confuses me,I dont want to get the wrong shims so I figured I would come on here and ask,since they sell them in MM sizes which one would I need in the metric size

14909-MBB-000 .0551in 1.40mm

14910-MBB-000 .0561in 1.425mm

14911-MBB-000 .0571in 1.45mm

14912-MBB-000 .0581in 1.475mm

14913-MBB-000 .0591in 1.50mm

14914-MBB-000 .0600in 1.525mm

14915-MBB-000 .0610in 1.55mm

14916-MBB-000 .0620in 1.575mm

14917-MBB-000 .0630in 1.60mm

14918-MBB-000 .0640in 1.625mm

14919-MBB-000 .0650in 1.65mm

14920-MBB-000 .0659in 1.675mm


Your right intake will be perfectly fine at .04 I have been running both intakes there foe well over 100 hours with no problems. Lots of people on here run .04 as it is easier on the valves

14914-MBB-000 .0600in 1.525mm

That shim will get you to the .04 I recommended

Hay racer19 thanks for your help,do you still have the stock valves in your bike?

yes i do. I am going to be getting my head rebuilt next month. but my bike is an 03 with well over 200 hours on it. My valves are starting to go so its getting a complete rebuild, New piston, crank, bearings, seals, ect.

You should pick up a 1.50 while your at it.

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