what bike is this

stock it had no headlight thats all i knowKTM001.jpg

what do youmean what bike is it? KTM 525 xc?


HMMMMM, its orange and it says 525 xc lol

obviosly ktm :applause:

do i get gas for answering first? haha

hahahahaah it says ktm on the ignition cover and the air box cover says 525 xc. so im going to guess its a ktm 525 xc 4 stroke

You guys are all wrong, it's an airplane disguised as a dirtbike. :applause:

crap! i was gonna guess airplane too.. shoulda went with the gut

I'd say it's a harley davidson roadglide?

It's a new release. The Money Pit Bike.

Its either a Decepticon or an Autobot.

stop smokin that hemp and look at the side of the bike lol

Its either a Decepticon or an Autobot.

Darn it, I was gonna say that!!! You beat me to it!


It's really a ninja in disguise but you didn't hear that from me.


fu ckers...ha like is it an XC or an XC dessert? i know its a pumkin 525 XC im not blind

Desserts are usually sweet and have some kind of glaze to them. Often times they are served following a meal of some sorts.

525 XC which i believe stands for cross country, take that however you want

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