Early XR600R Stator Trouble

Long story short: During my last ride of last season my chain came off and clipped the stator wire on my 1986 XR600. I duct taped the wires back together and got out of the woods that night, but needed to fix the wires for good.


I pulled my stator cover, removed the stator and added some tin/lead solder to re-enforce the connections (the wires weren't fully clipped, just about 50%).

I then used Liquid PVC tape to coat the wires seperately so the paths wouldn't cross.


Then I traced the outline of the stator on some gasket paper and cut out a fresh gasket. I used a hole punch to start bolt holes, and used screws to hold the gasket in place for each additional punch. Then I used an OEM bolt and a razor blade to make the holes the exact size.


I coated the gasket, removed all the old gasket material and replaced the stator and bolts. Then I kicked.


And kicked, and kicked, and kicked. The headlight lights when I kick, but the bike won't fire. It started last week before the stator was removed, so I know it WAS running.

Now the questions.

•See anything obvious that I might be missing?

• How do you measure impedance on a stator to see if it's putting out enough juice?

• Will hooking the light wire to the ignition plug work to start the bike?

• I've got a spare XL600 stator (more wires, same size). Any objections to trying that?

• Last but not least, is a Ricky Stator worth it?

•See anything obvious that I might be missing?....NO,,, Chances are your soldering jobs failed..Grease etc,,Pull it to bits and reinspect it.

• How do you measure impedance on a stator to see if it's putting out enough juice?...RED+BLACK wire...Ohm meter set to Rx1. one end to ground one on the wire..Value between 230-320ohms is apparently good.

* Will hooking the light wire to the ignition plug work to start the bike?..,,,DOUBT IT

• I've got a spare XL600 stator (more wires, same size). Any objections to trying that?..NOT REALLY..I've tried it ..didn't work..Thats not to say it won't.

• Last but not least, is a Ricky Stator worth it?...DON'T own one but if I could I would.

PS,,,Nice job with the Gasket..More DIY is needed..An Original Honda Center Gasket that goes between the two halves of the cases is $58.00 NZ..Daylight Robbery..I told them where to shove it.Well done..Make your own.

Sounds like the pulse generator may not be getting any juice. Make sure that the solder connections at the alternator are good. Black/red wire goes to the CDI unit, green to ground, white/yellow to the voltage regulator. Since the lights are glowing when you kick, the white/yellow wire is OK, but check the black/red wire for continuity to the CDI. Also check the blue/yellow wire from the CDI to the coil for continuity & make sure the coil ground connection is good.

Thanks for the replies. Actually, I made the distinction of an "early" XR because this bike only has two wires coming out - the black and red wire for the ignition, and a blue wire that plugs into the regulator. It must ground into the case. So should I check the black and red lead and ground to the case?

Forgot that the pre-'90 models were wired different. The black/red goes to the CDI, the blue powers the lights (the taillight wire will be brown) and the regulator connection from the blue is white/yellow. The alternator is grounded internally.

Heading out to the garage now to start investigating. Multimeter set on the Omega symbol, at 2000 (not 2000k). That gives me a reading of 000 when I put the probes together. The 200 setting read .02. I'll have answers soon.

I'm back with good news. I measured the XR600 stator by checking the resistance between the two wires - the light wire and the ignition wire. The bike measured 234 ?ohms?

As stated, I've also got a spare XL600 stator that I also measured. That unit actually has a ground return, so measuring from the red/black to that wire, I got 258 ohms.

Not wanting to screw around too much, and since 234 is within the range, I plugged everything back in, minus seat, air filter, ect., and kicked it over. After about five kicks it fired.

Now comes another question. It was surging. It's always surged before it gets warm, and it is rather cold outside tonight, but it surged so badly on me at one point that (since the seat was removed and I was standing on the pegs) it popped up and attempted to buck me. I let off and came down on my right foot, and tweaked my knee.

So I'm gonna check the carb jets. What jets sound right for an XR600 in Denver (elevation 5280)? Any other suggestions? (I love suggestions, and side notes).

ere, I went from a 158 to a 152 fro my 92 in Albuquerque. My driveway is at 5800 ft. At our altitude, I generaly go about 95% of stock. :applause:

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