Powder Coating Frames

I have seen quite a few good looking powder coated frames over the past few years. I am thinking of doing it and would like to hear from the guys who have. Have you had any issues? Would yo do it again. Are there any things I should try to avoid. Should I not do it. Was it so awesome that I should have my old lady powder coated? Give me the scoop my friends!!!

I powder coated my 125 zuk once.looked really good until the first time out then it chipped once the stoned and debris hit it.for a show bike i think its a great idea.

the powdercoating will eventually wear off wear the old steel frames rust and shows the aluminium.

my friend did it to his 03.he did it a while ago and it looks really good and hasnt faded yet. i guess he ran into some problems with bearings and told me that he would never do it again. but he barely knows how to work on his bike so its probly easier than he said it was.

Thanks for the replies guys!

Here is my old Crf 250 with powdercoated frame.. I mounted a pair of ligthspeed carbon frameguards, and it worked perfect.



I anodized mine Black and it looks pretty good and is very durable but if you want shinny go with powder coating.

Looks great!! Thanks for the replies guys!

I've done a few frames and hub and before I coated the hub I found a drill bit the same size as the spoke, I have had to ream a couple holes but for the most part never had a problem. I do tape off bearing, mounting flanges etc, if you don't you will have problems

the powdercoating will eventually wear off wear the old steel frames rust and shows the aluminium.

Am I reading this wrong, or are you saying the powdercoat will wear off the steel frame where it rusted and aluminum will show?


I'm thinking of powdercoating some more stuff on my bike. We will see if it actually happens or not though.

Powdercoat is not indestructable it will eventually wear off. I've found that the flat, satin and textured finishes hold up the best.

Well, here we go. The YZ is getting closer to done.


My dad actually owns a powdercoating shop and we have done basically every metal part on all the machines weve owned over the winter.

2005 CRF250

2002 CR 125

1992 RM 80

1998 Yamaha Blaster

not to mention the snowmobiles...

these have all been done and weve done literally every part on them swing arms, rims, frame, bars, clutch cover, the list goes on.

it gives an older bike new life, and makes ANY bike look 10000x better. Gives you a total different bike than the next guy.

however it is a fair amount of work, but if you have a 5 month winter like I do, it isnt all that bad.

but seals and bearings usually need replacing. if you got some time i highly recommend it.

ohh and another thing. my bikes take a fair beating and as long as you go to a good powdercoating shop, the powder will last a long time.

it has alot to do with how the product is prepped.

at my dad's shop everything is sand blasted, for products that are exposed to heat, they are baked out to be out gassed, and sand blasted again, then if you have a good powdercoater the powder is basically tough as nails.

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