Where are the trails for riding?

Hey guys and gals I was wondering if you guys could tell me where the trails are and/or give me directions on how to find them.

Last summer I was at my dealer and he said that he couldn't give me directions or maps, but would sell me a trail pass. The pass is not the problem, I'll gladly pay for it, but again where are the trails? My dealer told me to go to trails.ca. I found nothing.

I've looked on the WHERE TO RIDE search here and found 99% MX parks.

I'm also new to this, so maybe I'm overlooking something. I'm in the GTA, but travel is not a problem.

Thanks for help!

Don't buy a trail pass. You don't need one. Some people say you need one for some ATV trails but I don't have one and have never had to buy one. Check out the ODSC website, lots of info there. The only place to ride legally is the Ganaraska Forest which means you need to cough up 100 bucks for a forest membership. Lot's of other places to ride. You should do some of the rides in the Ontario trailride series(check the OFTR website), that will get you started. Once you ridden these rides then you will can go back and ride the same trails. I'm in Oshawa and ride in the Ganaraska, Northumberland, Madawaska, Barrie, Calabogie to name a few. I was strickly riding off-road but have bought a DRZ400S this year to start dualsporting more (more road). Happy trails.

Right now all the trails are located under the snow! Seriously though, check out the Ontario Dual Sport forum http://www.odsc.on.ca

Check out the "where to ride" forum here on thumpertalk. St Williams and turkey point are also places to ride.

Please buy a trail pass for Ganaraska if riding there. $100.00 for a year or $20.00 a day is a small price to pay to keep riding areas open. Look into buying a membership with the OFTR as they fight to keep riding areas for us.


SCORA is a new club and with your membership you have lots of trails & people to ride with in the Simcoe area.


The ODSC & the OFTR are the best resources for trail information.

PM me if i can help with details


Member : ODSC , OFTR , CMA

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