2005 YZ250 Good Deal?

Here is the link


High blue book is 3500 so it sounds a little high to me but it looks soooo clean!:applause:

I REALLY want a YZ450F but this thing looks to good to pass up!:):cry:

What dp you think?


i had one just like it and they are very fast bikes....the suspension seemed good to me but yamaha did change the forks in 06 and they are suppose to be much better and the top triple clamp is all one piece where the bars mount on the 05...so you will have to get the adapter kit to run fat bars...i paid less than 3 grand for mine and it was immaculate....wish now i would have kept it:busted:

Low hours, thats good. But there are cheaper ones out there. I just picked an '05 up for $2600. 265 kit, Enzo revalve/respring w/ subtanks, PC pipe and shorty, V-force, all new plastic, and about anything else you could think of. Of course, it has some time on it, and it could blow-up today, but appears to have been well cared for.

i just got an 05 in the fall after i sold my 03 cr250, pricing i cant help you because its much different up here, i sold my 03 cr250 for more than that but was one of the sickest bikes around and i put a ton of cash into it so i still lost a lot of money on it, and paid a little over $4000 for my 05 but thats just the pricing up here. i love my yz250 i have only rode it totally stock for the last few month of the past season i was really impressed i dont think you will be dissapointed, and there is so many mods you do that dont cost a whole lot to these things this forum really helps out awsome, i have added a gytr flywheel, a .125" pipe spacer and had my head modded, i cant wait to ride my bike but i got a month or so to go

I picked up an 05 yz250 for 2600. It had about 20 hrs on it with pc shorty, v force reeds, factory connection suspension. Try to talk him down to 3 grand if you can

hold out and look for an '06...the SSS suspension is the best on the market by far.


Thanks guys!

I emailed the guy and he seems very reluctant to go down in price. He is also trying to sell an R1 that is really clean to, and he has reposted them for like 3-4 months or so. But I think that I might be able to get him down a little, it's worth a shot anyways.

So what do you say price wise? About 3grand sound fair?

Thanks for the replies and keep them coming!


I just picked up a super clean 05 for 2700, but I am in Michigan and it will be a few months before I can really ride it everyday...

So what do you say price wise? About 3grand sound fair?

I would say thats pretty close for a bike with that little time on it.

i got mine in Florida for 2050 its a 05 and is the cleanest nicest bike ive ever owned! just look around for that deal

I picked up an 05 for 2700 in So. California with quite a few extras in excellent condition. Since I bought it the market has gone down even more. Unless you have to have it and there are no other options, 3k is just too much for an 05. I'd be looking for an 06 for a couple hundred more.

Cool! That gives me a little better price idea and some leverage to get the price lower!


Remember - "Cash is King!" Go look at the bike and bring $2900 (in $100 bills)with you. The bike looks great, but isn't worth more than that. Tell him you have cash and be prepared to walk. I have bought many bikes this way. Being there w/cash sometimes sways them. If not he'll be sitting on it for a while.

Good luck!

I just got a deal I couldn't pass up ... I bought a 05 YZ250 saturday for $2000 W/ factory connection suspension work and fairly low hrs. It needs a few things. I have tires for it I won last year, chain and sprockets are 75% and the left radiator shroud is cracked. Watch ebay.... I had a stock 06 w/ Hotwheels graphics lined up to up for $3000 in PA. The guy still has it if anyone is interested. I just saw an 07 sell Friday in IN. for $3250... Keep your eyes open there are deals out there. The bike in PA. didn't make the reserve price I emailed the guy to see what he wanted for the bike. He ssaid he will take $3000 .... I told him I was looking at a couple other bikes and would let him know Friday night... I was going to meet him Sunday until I fell into the 05 Friday night..... It never hurts to ask...

The hardest thing to prove is how many hours are really on it!! i would look really close at the bottom of the frame for wear marks in paint, if its never raced with that few hours then it should be spotless and look brand new. Also ask him to take the seat off and look in airbox since it should be spotless and look under gas tank as best you can. With 5 hours that should all be spotless and if it trully has that few hours on it id get it.

Unless you absolutely have to have this bike right now, I would let him sit on it a while. As a general rule, people always want more for their toys than they're really worth. I've been guilty of it myself, and the fact that people can advertise on craigslist for free seems to encourage high advertised prices. Sometimes I can hardly look at my local craigslist board because some of the asking prices are so ridiculous.

On top of that, I'm squarely of the opinion that you're in a buyer's market these days. Folks are nervous about the economy, stocks aren't doing particularly well, it's not as easy to use your house as an ATM, and some are even upside-down on their houses. None of this is good for people selling toys.

I know more than one person who has spent 2-3 months selling bikes which are in pristine condition and would have sold in a couple of days a year or two ago.

Let him sit on this a while and/or make him a cash offer for $3000 or so. If he declines, leave him your phone number in case he changes his mind.

I hate to sound like a pessimist, especially with regard to the current state of the economy...all I'm saying is that the advantage in this situation should be yours, not the sellers.

Yeah, I will see if the guy will lower his price but I have found another YZ250 with more accessories and for a lower price, except I dont know how many hours are on it.


Yeah, I will see if the guy will lower his price but I have found another YZ250 with more accessories and for a lower price, except I dont know how many hours are on it.


The bike you posted the ad to was clean but the clutch cover looked worn like crazy. Don't judge a bike by how well someone can clean it. Look closely at the points where it wears - clutch cover, flywhee cover, pegs, frame where boot hits.

This guy is asking way to much for that bike.

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