Husqvarna 06 WR250 Jetting


Is any body having problems jetting The WR250???:applause: (Mikuni TMX?)

it seems rich of the bottom and fouls plugs if I ride slow singletrack and idle wating cornerman. I rode the same on my KTM 250EXC (stolen) end never fouled

The bikes new 400km on it so you would think everythings ok

Float level is set with the seam on the float, level with body of carb upside down ( is this right??)

Air screw does not seem to do much, if its in below 1 turn it stalls but out more than 1.5 I cant tell the differance

Will stall if I pull choke when hot

will start without choke when weather is warm 25deg C ++

I dont ride hard casual trail rider and weigh 180lb

I ride at 500m (1600') and 25-30deg C

I have the following jetting

Slide#4. PJ:27.5. Main:390. Needle:60. 3rd clip. Air screw 2 turns out

Plug BR7EG Standard is 8

Should I go smaller on the pilot to a 25??


if it starts with out the choke,the pilot jet is way rich.

I agree with Eddie that the starting is the best indicator of pilot size. I have ridden one of those bikes that had not been tampered with and it was very very good. made me wonder why I mess with 4 strokes. Point is I think they come from the factory pretty close


I will check my float level properly (18-20mm) now I know what to set it at..

Got a feeling its out

Does float level make a big differance if its out???


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