jetting carbie problem SM

I have an 06 SM610 and just love the bike - except for the stutters it gets sitting on a constant speed (not under load). It feels like the engine is missing. I have had the bike to a specialist high performance motorcycle tuner and after $150 still no real improvement. He played around with needle positioning etc.

Does anyone know of a solution ie do I change the jets and needle or what? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Awesome bike I gotta tell ya!

JD jet kit from a 510, CR8EIX spark plug, disconnect the TPS and it should disappear, expect an increase in power and smoothness too. Good luck!

My guess would be your stuttering is about 1/4 of WOT.

In any case hold the throttle at the position where it is stuttering then pull the choke out a bit and see if that helps or makes it worse. Then push in the choke and pull out the hot start a bit to see if that makes it better or worse.

Then post up what you found out.

My guess would be you need a needle with more taper and the JD kit is a simple solution for that. I have never unplugged a TPS.

The 610 studder is a well known and easily fixed phenom, involves the tune in the CDI for EPA. Simple jetting will not cure it, might mask it but its in the ignition curve too. I could dial mine up at 4500-5000 like clockwork. I jetted till I was bluefaced then, by an act of desperation, I unplugged my TPS, near cured it, CR8EIX was the final nail in the studder coffin. Good luck!

At the risk of ridicule what is TPS and how do you disconnect it? (Also Coffee - what is "WOT"!)

What are the implications (good and bad) of disconnecting the TPS!

Thanks for the help so far - much appreciated.

WOT is wide open throttle, the TPS is the electrical connection on the carb that feeds it the Throttle Position Sensor, (TPS) info for the CDI to adjust its ingition curve, in the 610s case, for EPA compliance. Disable it and it goes to a base curve that is rider friendly, no lean stutter for a EPA driveby. Just unplug it at the harness above the carb IIRC. The Iridium plug will clean it up completely with the aforementioned mods! Enjoy!

Thanks for this advice! Much appreciated so will make these mods to my SM and see how it goes. I am very interested to see what effect it has. Thanks again. Just demonstrates to me the power of this forum!!!!!

good to see another from oz with good taste.

if youre in Sydney , take it to Michael Noble ( MJN Repairs) Emu Plains. He does mainly Huskies , and absolutely knows them backwards. My 07 didnt stutter but he changed the plug to the iridium ( without asking) and rejetted for the Barrett can i put on. By the way that's the first mod you should do- it's even quiter than stock. Our bikes are jetted a bit different to the US ones( I think) and ours dont have all the pollution spaghetti theirs have- lucky us.

good choice!

I posted the word "carby" on a US vehicle forum and got pasted...

The most repeated phrase was "put another shrimp on the barbie...", but then again we could go on about the Seppos bastardisation of the Kweens English...but we won't.....don't want to start a flame war......:applause:

Micheals the Man,recomended

The server his hating me tonight. Tried twice to post and it had logged me out.

Does the stutter come and go?

I've tried the TPS, JD kit, and plug. No dice, and plenty of others that I have spoken with that had the intermittent problem said those solutions failed them.

I'm in Brisbane so can't get to the dude in Sydney which is a bummer. I have had a performance tuner play with it on his dyno and it is considerably better. Good enough to live with no worries but if I can get it perfect I would prefer that - you know what I mean! The studder is pretty much there all the time but under very specific conditions ie usually in 5th at a constant 80kmh or 4th at a constant 70 kmh. I have sourced an iridium plug as per an earlier post and will try that and disconnecting the TPS tomorrow afternoon (after I have a fang up through some local twisties - the Husky SM rules I reckon even if it has a tiny little fuelling issue (no big deal really!)) Huskies are awesome bikes!!!!!

Have you adjusted the jetting kit, (esp. the needle up or down) to fine tune? Your the first I've heard of who couldn't dial it out. You might need to adjust due to weather, altitude or even the fuel you use. Our NJ fuel changed in 06 and gave me & friends grief. Bikes felt lean but needed leaner setting to run without surging. You gotta adjust to your condition, one size dosen't fit all.

Well folks it is all fixed!!!!!!!!!

I'm stoked!!

Did what JJM525 said (and a few others) ie remover the TPS and install an iridium plug and man what a difference. It is bloody awesome. Smooth, powerful, doesn't feel like it is "nervous" - just brilliant. Thanks guys it was the only concern I had with the Husky and it was starting to piss me off! All is good now! Thanks JJM525 and others for your help!

eddie sisneros on this site can tell you the correct needle,mine was perfect

My guess would be your stuttering is about 1/4 of WOT.

In any case hold the throttle at the position where it is stuttering then pull the choke out a bit and see if that helps or makes it worse. Then push in the choke and pull out the hot start a bit to see if that makes it better or worse.

Then post up what you found out.

My guess would be you need a needle with more taper and the JD kit is a simple solution for that. I have never unplugged a TPS.

Hay coffee thats a good trick im still playing with mine, so choke will richen it up,walm start lean it yea. could save a lot of spanner work people.:banghead:

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      10/17/08 UPDATE! I posted more photos on page 2. Not all pictures are on page 1. I will constantly be adding more photos as I go along.
      Many of you have heard of my starting/idle problems with the 610. Carburetion has been ruled-out time and time again. I sensed something else was going on. The engine has never wanted to idle down, sounded like there was a load on it even in neutral. Since I had metal filings in my oil when I first got it, I have now decided to overhaul it and make everything ship-shape. It turns out that I was correct- there is some valve damage that I will talk about later.
      I don't like to take apart dirty engines and get the dirt inside 'em

      A little gross.

      My cleaning station:

      A little better now

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      More to come. I'm uploading pictures of the case splitting, etc...
      I'll try to ease off on the photo-over-obsession. The next batch of info/photos will be a little more interesting.
      Comments and suggestions are appreciated. I'm already ordering parts from George so before I know it, I'll be just waiting on new parts (after a little more cleaning.