can someone tell me if the yuasa ytz7s battery will fit the 400 s model?

No. Dimensions are different, terminals are different location.

Battery YT7B-BS is correct, 150 X 65 X 93 mm

YTZ7S is 113 X 70 X 105 mm

Per yuasa battery chart

its an oddball fit.....long and low

I just fit a 4lb wal-mart mini battery in mine the other day....Used some EVA foam to space it..

saved a few lbs with just as many CCA's :applause:

Was thinking of going to a Deka ETX 9.

120 CCA but a little bigger, cheaper too.

Gotta buy a used batery box off Fleabay and donate it to the cause. Was going to Vacuum Form some ABS to make a new box.

Will let you know if I do.

Will do the Free power mod either way.


I'm waiting til it warms up to replace the DEAD battery. I installed the kick starter kit last weekend and it started in two kicks :smirk: So far this is the best thing I've done. I didn't like the sound of the bike barely cranking over when I was not at home..


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