to all the racers on here

i thought it would be cool to find out what class you guys race and what type of riding. also if you have any plans for the up coming season on how to improve something. i race harescrambles in the c 125 class in N.E.T.R.A. i was thinking about doing the junior class but they got ride of it and im not quite ready for b yet. this year i really want to get better with rocky rooty downhills with sharp turns at the bottom. yesterday i got go to ride at this guy in a 200's track and he had a downhill that i thought was nuts because if you missed the turn, you would go off a cliff. so what about you guys?

i race motocross in the 250b and open b classes with ncsc and nesc and sometime wsp. The main thing ive been workin on this year is my stamina.

I used to race C class GARTRA hair scrambles, many years ago. Now I just play...:applause:

Motocross, A class mainly in district 3.

Netra harescrambles in 125 b and jr enduros jr A. In motocross i race 125 c and open c in NEMX and NCSC but am hoping to move up to b by the end of the year.

I race 250 Junior and Vet Junior. The two classes are only 1 moto apart, so better endurance is a must. Just getting to ride once in a while this year should help with that. I was lucky to get 1 ride per week in during the last few years.

I race flattrack, AHRMA 600cc Sportsman class on a 1974 Honda XL350 and AMCA 165cc lightweight class on a 1956 Harley. This year I plan to add a few MVMX (Midwest Vintage MX) races on a 1974 Honda CR250M in the 250cc Vintage class.

I race 125B, 250B, and schoolboy. I want to race A class but dad says to wait tell next year or half way through this year.

Open B Harescrambles, TORCS.

Thought about doing a Open Beginner motocross since I've never 'raced' moto before. But I think that would be sandbagging.

district 23 250c harescrambles

I raced motocross 250 C class last year. I was pretty much mid pack on a weekly basis. I dont know if racing the 250f's this year will change anything or not. Last year the top guys in my class were all on 450's, but I think they would have still been the top guys even if they were on 250 two or four strokes. I am really trying to get my bike dialed in for my riding style. My 250sx is going to be fitted with an FMF Gnarly pipe, 8 oz flywheel weight, red powervalve spring to open it sooner. The power should be very strong down low and have a killer mid range. The top end signs off a little sooner with the Gnarly pipe, but I ride a gear high most of the time, so it doesnt really matter. The suspension is getting Forslyk applied, and the rear shock is getting an unshock installed from F2racing. Other than that, I just need to focus on getting the clickers and fork oil height dialed in. I do want to have decent stamina going into the season, so I have been working out, but will get a little more intense a month before racing starts. I just want to have a few freinds race with me this year, and have fun. No real expectations, just want to do my best.

i raced 250c last year so im steppin it up to 250b this year in the mhsc.

I raced hare scrambles in the AGP C-4 stroke open class last season and took 2nd overall in the series, so I will move up to Vet B this year. I have been training since new years and will try to improve my lap times and overall placing by being in better shape. I also want to switch to a YZ250 for this season, but then I won't know if it's me or the bike. Since this series is growing it's attracting better riders. Combine that with a move up in class and I'll need all the help I can get.

I race Veteran MX Junior class (Novice in the USA) and 250 Junior (Novice) here at my local track in Calgary. I don't travel outside the city for racing, just trailriding. My race weapon is a 07 YZ450F, with an FMF TiPowerCore exhaust (mainly for the quiet insert and spark arrestor). It's also the bike I trailride with.

I MIGHT, repeat MIGHT, try a hare scramble or two this year. Some of my riding friends say it's awesome racing. We'll see......

motocross district 23. 250 B and open B. going to move up to A in august

D13 125C and D7, but D7 got rid of all 125 classes so ill pry race open C

Motocross - 250B - District 17.

i race all the local races..........(which is not a lot).....look where i

Hopefully if my schedule lets me, I'll be racing open-C, 30+C (or vet-c) in Motocross. I'm working on jumping techniques and stamina. I use my 06 KX450 which is armed with an FMF 4.1, suspension front and rear, resprung (finally) with the correct springs and also revalved. Should be great! And I can't wait!

I race 250 A and 450 A. in motocross.

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