help to identify KX125 model/year

Looking for some help on identifing the year of a KX125 that I bought as stolen recovered from an auction

The &%$#@! buffed the frame no off and I cant find an engine number on it either, my mate thinks a 98 model but i cant be sure.

I want toreplace the chain/sprocket/piston etc so without model year im a bit stuffed??????

The shock has a purple spring and the airfilter plastic black box has the number 1612 on it and the clyinder has 1752 on it.

Post a picture of it.

Check your cylinder number again, a 98 has 1852 on it.


Ed, he'd have the wider swingarm for a 98 too, right? When did Kawi come out with the power jet?

J I'm not into 94-98's so I don't know about the swingarm. The cylinder # I got off I also don't know about 125's but the 98 250 has a powerjet but no TPS. I have friends with a 97 and another with a 98 si one day I will check the swingarm. And in the 250's the 98 was the first year of the powerjet, 99 was the firest year for PJ and TPS.


defo 1752 on the cylinder, i will try to post pics asap:ride:

Ok just looked back more. The 1752 cylinder was used on a 1995 125.


Looks like 97 was the first year of the beefier swingarm. So that narrows it down: Larger swingarm-97,98 Smaller swingarm-94,95,96

I think 93 was a sky blue spring, but 1994 was purple, maybe 1998?? was the last year for purple (OK, violet). :applause:

thanks for all e info guys:worthy: ,, traced to the 95 model using the kawa website(parts dia) and bike pics .com


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