Racer X

Do you guys like Racer X mag? I got my free issue awhile ago and didn't think it was great. Now wondering if I want to subscribe even though its super cheap. I really like MXA.

if you want to know everything going on in the motocross world then Racer X is your mag. if you want to know honest un-bias opinion about motocross bikes and products with no FMX then MXA is your mag they tell it how it is. if you want a great all around mag with all the current cool mx stuff but kinda lean on the honda side the Transworld is your mag. they always have FMX stuff but its cool. great mag one of my fav's. if your into off road then go with Dirt Rider. and i havnt looked at a Dirt Bike mag in years.

thanks matt

spend the same amount of money and you can get the digital subscription online. no waiting for mags to show up at your door.

But how do you look at the pc on the toilet, lol.

But how do you look at the pc on the toilet, lol.

haha, same reason I get the hard copy!

bring in your laptop

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