xr200 motor...where to find one?

you guys know a good place to find a complete motor or at least a bottem end? ive been looking for months with no luck.

I got some xr200 motor stuff I will check today and see what I still have I might have enough parts to build a motor.

ya find anything yet man?

sorry been real busy but looks enough to build one complete let me look some more tonight.

have you ever considered a lifan engine they bolt in and some minor wiring to deal with no biggie though and you can buy a brand new engine with a warranty for 300 to 400

I picked up a running XR200 motor with electrics and pipe for $150 off eBay last year. Everyone once in a while a whole motor shows up.

you need a battery for a lifin motor...i need this for a custom race 3wheeler i build. i have no area for a battery and want a honda motor...if i could find a bottom end getting top end parts is no problem....if i cant find one in a few months ill just have to buy an entire xr200 and then part the chassis...i had doing that because it take so much time.

what I found so far 1 xr 185 bottom end and cylinder, Xr 200 bottom end and cylinder, with bare head no valves. I know I got electrics for it but not sure about carb. I still have a few more places to look.

i sugest thnat you look on trade me

try ebay. i bet they have motors

at the bottom they have a cylinder head

not sure if thats a 200 the cam chain is on the wrong side maybe xr250?

xr 200 is on the magneto side

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