could someone please

give me the team green jetting specs for a 2007 kawasaki kx250f....i cant find then and i had it all written down before:bonk:

her ya go

Part---------------Stock------ Pro Circuit--------Team Green

Main Jet------------180----------170-----------------175


Clip Position-------2 or 3----------4--------------------4

Pilot Jet-------------40-----------42-------------------42

Fuel Screw (out)---1 3/4----------3-------------------2.5

Leak Jet-------------60-----------50-------------------50

do it, I almost shit on myself when I got to rode with tg specs for the first time, huge improvment over stock!!!!!!!!!!!!

what altitude is that for?


ah sweet thanks guys

Why cant that f-n factory jet the bike worth c**p. Im going threw the same for my sons kx85. I did TG specs wich helped but they went up in the slow jet wich made no i put stock in and it runs alot better now but with the TG main.I also lowered the needle one position.....Its getting there.What kills me its suppose to run leaner in winter.If foaling spark plugs is leaner i hate to see what summer time is like......

i believe the tg specs actually call for a 170 main its a typo. i ordered the tg jets last week but it seems fed ex lost my package or something :) i rode this weekend all stock jetting except for a 42 pilot and i must say it ran great this weekend :applause:

rode mine yesterday, going out again today, and can't say how much I am in love with the tg specs, all except the main jet, I left that, but I really should experiment with it to be sure, but I think It runs as good as any race bike out there.....mabee pushing it a little, but it runs spot on, no hesitation no pop on decel, nothin but power!!!!

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