Aftermarket Skid Plates for Yamaha XT350?

Can't seem to find any for my 1992. Any suggestions? Thanks, c good

I am curious as to why you need one. After a few Shenandoah 500 rides through rock hell, mine looked like it had done IED clearing duty in Iraq. It even had a hole punched clean through it. But through all that it never let anything even touch the engine. I still have it on the garage wall for a laugh. In other words the stock one is pretty good.

Hi Grreatdog:

You are right, It's probably fine the way it is but I've noticed on some of the new style guards they have "ears" sticking out that seem to protect the side covers in case I drop the bike hard. It's good to know yours is doing the job. I was just hoping to find something heavier duty that provided better protection for the stator and clutch covers. c good

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