Installed a rekluse Auto clutch

I bought a used one from the TT classifieds ."Red Roadster" was the selller. (Nice Guy and very helpful !) Got a great price and everthing was included. Install was easy and no real problems. It works perfect and is strange at first ot get used to . Throttle reponse is instant and i can already see where this is going to be a great improvement. I was out back sliding into sharp turns and gassing out with no worry of stalling . The clutch lever still works if you want it but you really wont need it much . Cant wait to take it out on a real ride to see how it holds up .

I have been seriously considering one for a while now. It is some definite $$ though.

Last weekend I rode with two fellow TTers that each had a Rekluse. They really like them with one exception, and I witnessed that exception several times that day. If the engine does stop for whatever reason, one is always in neutral. So if it happens to be a steep uphill where this happens, being in gear won't help to keep the bike from going backwards.

I was able to get this for 285 shipped . I think its around 450 new. I was wondering about hills too. It seems to have some resistance when in gear and the engine is off. I tried and tried but so far i haven't stalled yet. I wonder if maybe their idle is too low ? Any time i cant make a hill i just lay the bike on its side and go back down. There are times when riding in some sloppy mud sections that it will be real nice while walking the bike through .

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      I totaled my DRZ400S last year, did a good bit of work to it and finally got it running.. I want to turn this into my full stunt bike.
      I have read before about people buying a 2nd stock rear caliper & bracket - then cutting and welding it to the existing bracket, then just running a handbrake master, and a hose to the 2nd caliper. 
      Has anyone done this before? Defiantly seems to be the cheapest route to go (staying away from the junction valve / 1 master cyl. & 1 caliper setup.)
      Looking for opinions, pros/cons, and info if anyone has gone this route.. If it seems too much of a risk or hassle I guess im gonna have to spend the $500/$600 to get a legitimate setup 
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      Make an offer, you pay USPS shipping. I want these out of my garage. Used, no damage.
      CST Suspension fork springs to fit 49mm stanchions in '03+ Suzuki DRZ400S, some KTM models, maybe others.
      503 mm length, 33.0 mm ID, 43.3 mm OD, 0.43 spring rate.
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      Anyone’s air box smell like gas ? Is this normal ? Air filter is bone dry but it reeks in there .... I’m assuming cause of the carb being semi filled with gas ??