Should I or shouldn't I tear into the swing arm bearings!

Hey guys,

I am pretty sure what kind of feed back I'm about to get, but it might be what I need to just "getter done".

I have rebuilt the suspension (front forks, and rear shock) on the bike as well as regreased everything except the swing arm bearings.

I would like to just put it all back together and be done with it. I just don't want to have to go back to it latter because I got lazy. BUT, the swing arm moves smooth with no side to side movement. Which I was thinking is probably in good shape. On the other hand my shock link felt the same and when I pulled it apart it was dry and the needle bearings fell out all over the place.

So let me know what you guys think. Also if you have been there before and what happened.

Thanks, Jay

I would service it(grease)with a waterproof type grease.

If the linkage bearings are dry the swingarm is most likely the same.

If the needles are rusted I would replace the bearings as a kit.

And you will be done with it

i would tear into em. mine seemed to have no play and worked just fine. took it all apart and the bearings were dry as a bone and didnt turn at all. luckily the needle bearings were fine after i cleaned em all up. now it works soo much better.

yup same here, seemed fine did it anyway, bearings were dry. its not that hard to do anyway so you might as well git er dun.

Ya I think your right! I've come this far I might as well carry on. Besides I have lots of time there's still snow on the ground. Just want to get her back together and be done with it.

and a good time to do the steering stem bearings!

I was in the exact same boat yesterday. I had removed, re-built, replaced, adjusted, cleaned and/or lubed everything on the bike except the swingarm. I almost had it back together, but I just couldn't do it without checking the swingarm as well. Good thing, too, because the right side bearings and pin were dry and rusted. I'll be ordering new swingarm and linkage bearings tonight.

I would do them.My bike is an 05,and when I checked this winter they were totally clapped out.

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