Kids and supercross event


Me and the wife are taking my little boy (4 this month) and his cousin (6) to the race in Atlanta. Is there anything that the kids would be interested in before the race? I don't want to get there early with nothing for them to do.

ya have them get pics with all the pit girls.:applause::):cry::banghead: Thats what my 9 yearold boy does he loves it. My wife thinks it is so cute she takes the pics to work on mondays and all the guys are jealous:cheers:

Sweet. I love using bait.


Soooo True LOL LOL ah isn't that cute and in our head wow that chicks so hot hahahah

Make sure you post those pics here when you get them!!!!!!!!

Pit passes are free (subway has them in atlanta or you can print out online) and the pits are actually pretty kid friendly if you get there very early like noon to 1. by 2:30 they are packed and the riders are usually getting ready to race. Noon to 2 is the best time for autographs etc. For anahiem I took my kid to the pits at noon and then left at 2:30 with a re-entry pass. We then went to a restaraunt for about 1.5 hours and then came back in time to watch a little practice, prior to the opening.


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