tire question

would it hurt the bike performance if i put a 110/90-19 on my 2006 crf250r???

i just put a 110 on the rear of my 250, i actually just got inside from riding and no power loss at all that thing is awsome!! 5 bucks more and 2wice the bite. now my berm is trashed after like 20 mins of ridin tho its super rutted!!

Is a 110/90-19 just wider than stock???

yes, the standard tyre is 100/90-19, the 110 is normally used on 250 2strokes and 450s, but is doable on a 250f

110-90 is all i ever use, works great

Never tried one but my buddy thought it was too heavy for the 250f resulting in power loss..??

have you guys ever heard of running a 100 up front? i know some of the factory teams do it like the factory KTM team that Nick Whey is with. better tracking up front?

i put one on my 05 because i ride mostly trails it is a maxxis IT and it runs great with it

This topic has been covered a TON.. do a search and you will get tons of info.

110 is a wider tire, this will obviously put more surface to the ground which in turn will create more drag and result in slight power loss (basic physics).

From running a 110 myself I wasn't able to notice a big enough power loss to worry about it.

But I noticed the chain seemed to get a little closer to it (side to side). Gotta be sure the chain is adjusted to the correct tension or it could start to take chunks out of a 110.

If a 110 is the only tire available in an emergency ride situation.. I would gladly pick it. However, I also didn't notice my riding or grip improve enough to justify going against what Honda recommends you run.

The way I see it is like this... TONS of R&D was put into these bikes by Honda.. There is a reason they recommend a 100 over a 110 rear tire. If the bike performed better with a 110.. then they would have installed one.

But that's just my .02 cents

If you run a 110 on a 250F rim (1.85) the tyre will be squeezed together and not wider but taller than a 100. That is why when you buy a 450F they have a 2.15 rim. Many fast guys use the 2.15 110 set up on a 250F and they have the power it just puts a little more stress on the engine especilly the clutch. On hardpack even the 125s used them but they would never pull them through loamy stuff.

Price and weight does make a difference when Honda spec their bikes.

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