Battery Question

I need a new battery for my '05 250X. I checked with the local dealer, as well as another one and they both quoted me ~ $119 for a battery. Rocky Mtn. Atv lists two batteries for the X; one at $27 and the other $57. The cheaper one doesn't come with acid. Obviously, $57 is better than $119. But, before I order, am I missing something? Are the dealers raping us that much, or is their battery better? Is the RMATV battery (Yuasa) inferior in any way? I just wanna make sure before I order because it almost sounds too good to be true.

Also, my ATV (Honda Rubicon) battery (which I bought at Wal-Mart, which said "Everstart" on the box, but the battery said "Yuasa.") seems to do very well holding a charge even going months between stints on the battery tender. The X battery on the other hand doesn't hold a charge worth a flip. I admit that I haven't been great at keeping it on the charger, which I will remedy now that I have a battery tender. But still, the charging system on the X seems barely capable to do its job. Is that the case, or should I look into it?


The Thumpertalk Store has batteris as well at various prices. Some are sealed, and some are not. It might be worth a look.

I found the same thing. When my battery deid last year, I got the $57 one and it has been a year and no problems, knock on wood.

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