Who has bought the 08 factory racing graphics. from the ktm hardparts book. would like to see what they look like becouse im thinking about buying some but would like to see a pic of them on a bike. thanks

ktm cycle hut only show 2007 and earler in the factory racing graphics. thats why i would like to see some pics on 08 bikes of the factoryracing graphic kit.

from ktmcyclehutt:



really want to thank you for your help. but maybe im not making it clear. pics of the factory racing graphics repelicas. not the black or white graphics .the factory graphics have the fmf logo on them. and I would like to see the rear fender of the kit as well to see what logos are printed on it. thanks for your help though. but does any body have real pics of this graphic kit. including fenders gas tank and lower fork guards.

are you talking about the red bull graphics?

no not the redbull ones.go back to ktmcyclehut on the main page when you go down to click on graphics there they are .and if you do click on that box there the ones to the left of the black its factory-black-white then under the factory is the six day graphics. so the ones i would like to see pics of are the orange/black factory graphics.

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