Should I trade my 07 ttr 230 for an 02 125???

Hey guys, a while back I posted a thread that was called 125 or 250, and I am winding down towards the end of may trying to make a decision. It's either trade my 07 TT-R 230 for an 02 YZ 125, or save up now until the end of may and just buy a used 125 or 250 and keep the 230 too. I looked on kelly blue book and it says my bike is worth 2500 and his is worth 1800. Now that is a money loss there because I will be losing $700, but the guy said his kid may be able to put some cash on with the trade. The history behind his bike is that he bought it in 04 and they couldn't use it because there town passed a sound ordinance, and the kid wasn't ready for the 125. What are your opinions and what do you think I should do????

Heres my bike


Heres his





if the 125 is mechanically good I'd go for it in a heartbeat, extra cash or not. If you manage to get the 125 plus some cash, you'll end up with a sweet deal. I have been in your shoes before, with a heavy/underpowered/crappy suspension TTR. Then I tried a motocross bike, I knew I wanted one of those, there was no comparison at all. In fact, I'd say that if you want to get better at riding, the 230 will hold back your progress big time. The 230 will only let you go so far in your riding skill, then you HAVE to get a better bike to go any further in skill. Your enjoyment will also go way up with a better bike. my $.02 is that you should go for it, even at an even trade.

would you know how much time they (or his) dad put into the bike?

judging by its looks, it has gone already thru some abuse. besides, it's already a 6-year old bike. though it's well maintained, according to them, no machine ever gets away with wear and tear... besides, though they got it brand new in '04, the bike's already 4 years with them.

remember the genre of this bike on subject is already relatively obsolete, if i may... the YZ125 has gone thru a lot of changes since '05 and keeps on improving year by year since, engine- and suspension-wise. can't you find any '05 and up, and do justice for yourself?

though i love 2 strokes, i'd rather advise you to save your money for the best... greater things come to those who are patient and calculating.

So 05's and up are made a lot better than anything older? I'll just save up and by the end of may, and I might be able to get one newer if that's the case or I'll see if theres anyone else out there who might want to trade something newer.

I would most likely trade. It doesn't look like it's abused? I don't know how that guy came to that conclusion?

If you're riding recreationally, even if you're going to race, the changes from 04+ aren't going to be holding you back from winning.

You may not like your TTR anymore, but its worth a lot more money. Sell it outright and buy your choice of 125. You'll be money ahead.

Well, They haven't gotten it a top end since 04 when they bought it. The guy says they couldn't ride it after a month because there town passed a sound ordinance and it was to much power for his kids for the trails. I might've found another deal so I could keep my 230 and have a 125, but the 125 is a kawasaki and not a yamaha...

I agree with RCannon. Sell your bike outright and then buy the 125 of your choice. Keep in mind that Bluebook values tend to be optimistic in a declining market. Don't be disheartened if you get less than $2,500 for your bike. A very nice 125, newer than 2002, can be had for $2,000 or less.

Well, They haven't gotten it a top end since 04 when they bought it. The guy says they couldn't ride it after a month because there town passed a sound ordinance and it was to much power for his kids for the trails. I might've found another deal so I could keep my 230 and have a 125, but the 125 is a kawasaki and not a yamaha...

No worries...nothing wrong with a KX 125 thats 03 or newer. I dont believe I would want one from 02 or earlier.

Ok thanks for your help the kx 125 is an 03.

definetely get the 125

You can get a lot if you sell your bike for somewhere in the $2,000 range. Honestly the ttr has a pretty bad rep but it looks sharp so I'm sure someone will be looking to buy it. In 06' I bought a 2003 KX250 of ebay, only a few years old, with everything from the suspension to the handlebars upgraded for $1,900. Just be patient, you'll find a good deal.

id say sell the ttr and then buy a different bike. you could probably get at least 2 grand for you bike easy and ive seen 05's go for around there

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