play in bottom of fork leg

HELP! I was just putting my forks back on my KTM 400 XCW from having new springs put in them. When I was putting on the brake caliper I noticed some play in the fork tube. What I mean is if I grab the middle of the forks( where the fork seals are) with my left hand and put my right hand on the bottom of the fork and push and pull the bottom moves. It is not allot but the other side doesnt move. Did they screw up something putting them back together or it is Ok?I would say it moves back and forth maybe 1/32 (.032) of an inch Thank you Joel

is it the same both sides?

nope The one on left moves very minimal

You need new bushings

The bike has about 8 hours on it

ouch thats bad, but the bushes are the only part that seperates the slider from the fork.

The DU bushings are not worn out, They are not toleranced correctly. Also, the DU bushing bore may be oversized by only .005". This will make a huge difference.

Try a new bushing.


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