Thunder Valley Info

I'm new to the Denver area as I just relocated here for work (from New Jersey) a couple of weeks ago. So far I've ridden Watkins and IMI but I wanted to go check out Thunder Valley. I'm having a pretty hard time finding any real info about the place as most of my searches turn up threads that are over a year old. I had a couple questions and it would be great if someone could help me out.

- How much does it cost to ride per day?

- Is there a required membership fee?

- Are they open all week and what are the hours?

Any additional info would be great!

Thanks for you help

$20 yearly membership

$12 day fee.

Open Wednesday-Sunday (limited prep days)

One lap around the track

you might want to try berthoud also known as Valley Dirt Riders VDR they have multiple tracks and open every day. you take I-25 to exit 250

Yes VDR is an excellent place to ride. Lots of terrain/tracks for nearly any skill level. Tracks are generally kept up pretty well also. Don't forget about their hare scramble series! Its a buttload of fun even if you only can make a race or two.

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