Frost Bite Grand Prix - Rieter Trails WA

Anybody else race this yesterday? Due to a recent hernia operation, I worked the upper checkpoint and have to say that I saw fewer smiles than any race, ever. I think we counted 6, TOTAL. Conditions were a mess with recently thawed ground at basecamp, and up to 2 feet deep snow up on the hillside where our checkpoint was. Some of the holes on the course were waste deep in slush. Swallowed bike and rider whole. Lots of colorful language. :cry: Novices REALLY struggled...I'd assume many didn't finish the first lap, and several hardly made it up the first hill. I think the top guy finished with 3 laps. When the pros came thru, it didn't seem like a pro race...hard to go fast in that slop.

:applause::) Stumpjumper Motorcycle Club

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