CR250 Number plate and/or Light

Where could I pick up a number plate for a 01 CR250? I know where to get all the plastics and graphics, but I dont think I have seen a front number plate.

Also, a front headlight - what do I need for the light to run - the name of the part exscapes me...any help would be gr8.

I have a brand new never installed front number plate from my 02 WR-250. PM me if you can't find one.

I have a # plate and a headlight from a 00 wr 250 for sale,and various other parts from same model (witch fit many years and models).# plate is black,headlight is white with two separate beams.p m me

MotoPlastics dont have FRONT number plates unless I missed something...PMd some of you regarding your offers. Your help is appreciated.

Husky still carries the part...#plate/black...#80A087800 ,about $26.00.They do not list a COMPLETE headlight(but if searched ,I'm sure there is probaly one listed elsewhere,but not on this models breakdown).The "HeadlightShell" for the WR model is listed seperate with all the other headlight components.If one of the fine folk that replied to your post has a complete unit ,that would be the way to go. Oh ,by the way ,the CR does not have lighting capacity ....differant ignition then the WR.


yeah, I didnt think it had the lighting capability.

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