Opinions on spark arrestors

Trying to buy a spark arrestor for 06 rm250.I have an fmf pipe on bike but cant get a turbine core 2 because of availability,I dont want a Q but am thinking about a pro circuit,anybody have an opinion good or bad?Thanks in advance for responding

The 296 (long) is quiet & legal. Good combo.

wooden indian: Very proud of you for doing the right thing - trying to get a spark arrestor for your RM. I have had good experience with the FMF Turbine Core, but none with the Q. PC is a very good brand, so I'm sure either their "Nature Friendly" or "Type 296" spark arrestors should work for you. A.J.

Is not the Q just a longer version of the TCII??? riding buddy never had complaints/problems with his.

I have no experience with the PC brand, but I haven't heard anything bad about them either.

i have a TC 2 and my brother has a Q. they are both nice, the Q does not make it much quieter, but it is noticeable. it is kinda long, but it doesn't get in the way. with the TC 2, the end cap is level with the fender edge and the plastic is getting a little toasted. i don't think you could go wrong with either the Pro Circuit or the FMF.

Thanks guys,finally found turbine core2

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