i just added oil to the forks. and my right for is still leaking. i have cleaned it with a strip of film but it still going. i have a question about the seals. do i have to break down the whole fork to put a seal in or can i just slip it up under behind the dust cover?

With an upside down style fork yes, you'll have to pull the tubes apart. While doing a seal and dust cover, its a good idea to go ahead and replace the slider bushings too if the teflon coating look worn at all(better to replace them before they wear out and scratch your lower fork leg)

With a right side up fork, No you don't have to pull the tubes apart. Just pull the dust seal off, then remove the big circlip holding the seal in and pull the seal out. Find a suitable seal driver (not a screwdriver, use a piece of pvc pipe cut into two halves for cheap) Make sure everything is nice and clean before installing the seal and dust cover. i usually wet the seal with fork oil and cover the end of the tube with a plastic baggy to protect it during install.

First clean out under the dust seal by using a spray cleaner to rinse the exterior dirt away so you dont keep putting a piece of something bakc under the seal. Then clean it again, do it a couple of times, pump the forks several times and keep wiping the dirt away. It works 95% of the time for me. Also check for any little nicks in the fork tue that may have cut the seal. If so fix the nick and replace the seal.

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