anyone strip the paint off there clutch and ingition cover?

I did that this weekend and it looks sic! makes the bike look newer becuase you cant see the rubbed off paint on the clutch and ignition cover. i will post pics in a few

I did it a couple years ago. You'll get tired of trying to keep it shiny in a hurry. It does look good though. Just too much work to keep that way. :applause: I now use Lightspeed's wraps.

Can you guys post pictures of your bikes? And dvn I have heard the lightspeed wraps crack and break really easily. Is that true?

yeah dude i will post them as soon as they arrive to my inbox. (stupid smart phone!)


finnally got a pic up

How did you do the clutch cover?

Mine looks so bad, seriously scratched up

why doesnt anyone sell the brown paint to touch up. i used to do that all the time on my yzf.

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