good susp shop in grand junction co?

im new to grand juntcion co, my next door neighbor has a 2.5 mile pro mx track that i can have all to myself anytime :applause:. once the snow and poo mud goes away i will be able to ride the track anytime. i want to get my bike set up a little beter, its geting new triples, new bars, some maintinence, and i want to have the suspension resprung and revalved, the bike is a 2001 yz426f, and i weigh 255lb. im wondering if there is a any good suspension shops here in grand junction co? or do i have to ship it somewhere? if i have to ship the susp somewhere where is the best place, and about how much $$ im i looking at for re-spring and revalve? i am not made of money. thanks guys

Contact Neil at Hitchcock Industries in Denver. If you do a search for him in the Rocky Mtn Forum, you will find his number. He does good work.

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